Education Programs:

An increasing number of people are questioning the meaning of their lives and work. They want to know that their lives and work truly matter and that they are making a positive and meaningful difference -- to themselves, for others, and even for the larger community or society.

The Global Meaning Institute is the leading provider of programs focused on Meaning. All programs are held in person because, after all, these are programs about the human quest for Meaning. These programs are specially customized for specific clients, and are designed to introduce participants to basic MEANINGology® concepts, a unique philosophy and formula for Meaning, practical tools & techniques, and the proprietary MEANINGology® Meaning Tests. The overall goal is for you to access deeper meaning, to be inspired to reach your full potential, ...and truly make a difference in your life, work, and society.

Leaders: Dr. Alex Pattakos or Elaine Dundon, founders of the Global Meaning Institute, international bestselling authors and thought leaders, with years of experience in leadership, strategy, personal transformation, innovation management, business, government, and meaning. Their goal is to take the complex topic of Meaning, demystify it, and make it more accessible so that you can find more meaning in your everyday life and work. Ultimately, their mission is "to help people succeed and thrive through meaning." (If Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon are not available for a specific program or on a specific day, then a talented, senior associate at the Global Meaning Institute facilitates the program.)

Meaningology® Tests/Assessments:

The Global Meaning Institute is leading the Meaning Revolution with three Meaning Tests:

  • MEANINGology® Life Meaning Test
  • MEANINGology® Work Meaning Test
  • MEANINGology® Team & Organization Meaning Test

The MEANINGology® Meaning Tests were developed by Dr. Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon based on their pioneering work in the field of Meaning. Their typology is built upon a new paradigm and formula for discovering meaning in life and work, as well as the discovery that each person approaches and finds meaning via a specific MEANINGology® Style.

These tests have been designed to provide an overview of your current level of thinking/feeling regarding the state of meaning in your life or work, as well as to help you identify areas where you can deepen meaning in your life or work. For leaders, the Meaning Tests also identify how to make meaning a group-wide or organization-wide initiative that drives engagement & resilience, health & well-being, and performance & innovation.

Each test includes comparative scores in the different elements of Meaning and an individualized MEANINGology Style®. The Global Meaning Institute has collected normative data to be used as statistical benchmarks or points of comparison in the different elements of Meaning for personal growth, leadership development, and organizational transformation. These tests, which are available both online and in hardcopy formats, are integrated into the customized education programs.

MEANINGology® Advising & Mentoring:

As pioneers in the Meaning Revolution and thought leaders in the field of Innovation Management for over 25 years, the Global Meaning Institute has helped a wide variety of individuals and organizations to ask deeper questions, gain new insights, and reframe opportunities into a larger context.

The Global Meaning Institute offers strategic advising and mentoring services in three key areas:

  • to select individuals searching for deeper meaning in their lives, including the 30-Day MEANINGology® Program
  • to select individuals searching for deeper meaning in their work, including the 30-Day MEANINGology® Program
  • for leaders with specific Meaning Centric Leadership challenges and/or who would like to create Meaning Centric Workplaces and Communities

MEANINGology® Meaning Labs:

The Global Meaning Institute has often been called upon to offer insights and guidance to leaders within business, government, and associations searching for new and meaningful solutions to the challenges they face. These challenges are wide ranging, including leadership, strategic, and organization issues.

The Meaning Labs explore the deeper meaning of your specific project or program with the objective of gaining new insights and added value solutions. Meaning Labs typically involve investigative pre-work, followed either by a one-day or two-day group meeting.


The leaders of the Global Meaning Institute are recognized as thought leaders in the emerging field of Meaning. They have spoken on topics including MEANINGology®, Meaning Centric Living, Meaning Centric Work, Meaning Centric Leadership, Meaning Centric Leadership for Women, Meaning Centric Innovation, and Meaning Centric Innovation for Government. Other topics are custom designed to meet specific client needs. Engagements have included audiences ranging in size from under 10 to over 10,000, and such diverse audiences/sponsors as:

  • The American College of Greece, Athens, Greece
  • American Management Association
  • American Political Science Association
  • American Society for Public Administration
  • American Society for Quality, USA
  • Association for Talent Development (formerly American Society for Training & Development)
  • Axelson Center for Nonprofits, Chicago
  • Boston Global Forum
  • The Brookings Institution
  • Canadian Society for Training and Development (The Institute for Performance and Learning)
  • Center for Association Leadership, Washington, DC
  • Credit Union Central, Canada
  • Department of Economics, Curacao
  • ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
  • Health Care Leaders Association
  • HR Professionals Association of Ontario, Canada
  • The Innovation Network
  • International Center for Leading Studies, Crete, Greece
  • International Congress on Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Athens, Greece
  • International Existential Coaching Congress, Bogotá, Colombia
  • International Meaning Conference, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada
  • Michigan Government Financial Officers Association
  • National Hellenic Society
  • National Teachers Conference, Calgary, Canada
  • OASIS Education Center/Institute
  • Ontario Public Service, Canada
  • Pancretan Association of America
  • Pricewaterhousecoopers
  • Ringling School of Art & Design
  • Seattle University
  • Singapore Civil Service College, Singapore
  • Summa Health System, USA
  • TEDx Hong Kong, PRC
  • The Conference Board
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • UNESCO (Global Creative Cities Network)
  • VHA (Voluntary Hospitals of America)
  • Viktor Frankl Institute, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • World Presidents' Organization

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