The Global Meaning Institute is a world leader in helping people discover MEANING in their lives, work, communities, and societies so that they can achieve their full potential.

Founders of the Global Meaning Institute: Dr. Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon are international bestselling authors and thought leaders with years of experience in meaning, personal transformation, leadership, innovation management, strategy, business, and government. Their goal is to take the complex topic of Meaning, demystify it, and make it more accessible so that you can find more meaning in your everyday life and work. Ultimately, their mission is "to help people succeed and thrive through meaning." See Founders & Leaders for more information.

Their research, bestselling books, and practical experience show that Meaning is the driver for and leads to higher levels of engagement & resilience, health & well-being, performance & innovation. They have developed a unique framework for understanding Meaning called MEANINGology®. This framework, which builds upon years of engaged scholarship (including insights from the fields of behavioral science, cognitive science, and neuroscience), along with practical tools and techniques, lay the groundwork for a portfolio of MEANING First products and services, including:

     1. MEANING First Programs/Workshops

            MEANING First Life

            MEANING First Work

            MEANING First Team and Organization

            MEANING First: Creating the Government Workplace of the Future

     2. MEANING First Innovation Programs

            MEANING First: Building a Culture of Innovation

            MEANING First: Developing Skills for Innovation   

     3. MEANING First Leadership Program

     4. MEANING First Keynote Speaking

     5. MEANINGology® & MEANING first innovation Tests/assessments

            MEANINGology® Life Meaning Test

            MEANINGology® Work Meaning Test

            MEANINGology® Team & Organization Meaning Test

            MEANING First: Building a Culture of Innovation Assessment

            MEANING First: Developing Skills for Innovation Assessment

     6. MEANING First Strategic Advising

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