VIKTOR FRANKL's Principles for Discovering MEANING in Life and Work

Third Edition, Revised and Expanded

(2nd Edition: International Bestseller, 22+ languages)

Authors: Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon

Foreword by Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

New 3rd Edition Release: January 9, 2017

Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62656-880-8); Audiobook (ISBN: 978-1-5230-8468-5); Kindle and other eBook formats

Category: MEANING, Self-Help, Motivational, Work

  • Finalist, Self-Help Book of the Year (Foreword Reviews)
  • Top 10 National Bestseller in Spain
  • Top 15 National Bestseller in Canada

To address the Crisis of Meaning in our lives, work, and society, Dr. Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon have written an updated and expanded edition of the international bestseller, Prisoners of Our Thoughts.

The solution to our Crisis of Meaning is not about happiness or "positive psychology," as these do not take into account the fullness of life -- the ups & downs, joys & sorrows, pleasure & suffering.  The solution is not to seek more power (over others or over conditions) because power, ultimately, is an illusion.  The solution is not to seek purpose in our day or in our life.  Purpose is part of the overall search for meaning, but it is only a part, not a substitute.

As the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested, it's about the "good life," the complete life, the meaningful life.  Only by putting meaning at the core and developing a culture of meaning in our lives, work, and society will we be truly inspired, fulfilled, and reach our highest potential.

To find deeper meaning, we must be willing to challenge our current perspectives, ask new questions, and be open to trying new directions. In order to "Innovate with Meaning," we must not be "prisoners of our thoughts." This is true for any transition in life, especially as we cross the threshold to new frontiers after the age of 50.

Prisoners of Our Thoughts outlines seven principles for finding deeper meaning, even in the most challenging moments of our lives.  The authors researched and summarized the wisdom of the world-renowned psychiatrist and existential philosopher, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl (author of the classic bestseller, Man's Search for Meaning), and provide stories, exercises, questions, practical applications, and affirmations to help readers integrate the core lessons into their personal and work lives.  Dr. Frankl, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, personally urged Dr. Pattakos to write this book and spread the message that, no matter what the circumstances, we can always find meaning.

In this third edition, the authors also include highlights from their work in MEANINGology® using their unique OPA! Formula for Meaning.

"The specific goal of our work is to take this complex topic, demystify it, and make it more accessible to people by outlining specific action steps that can be taken to find more meaning in their daily lives."

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